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The success of your project depends on the “base plan” on which it is built.

Geoindo is a “high quality” expatriate managed local Indonesian company with more than 10 years experience throughout Indonesia and overseas.

We provide survey and CAD/GIS services primarily to the oil, gas and mining industry but also to consultants, contractors and project owners in other industry sectors throughout Indonesia . We also provide specialist geotechnical “trouble shooting” services together with construction and project management for access roads, well pads or building platforms for the oil industry.

Established since 1994 with head office based in Bandung , Java as well as offices in Jakarta and Balikpapan . Geoindo has an association with Trikonex Ltd. for overseas surveys, such as recently completed in Sudan , and BB Consulting Ltd. In the UK for the latest “state of the art” survey equipment and training.

Geoindo is one of Indonesia 's top survey providers…… the one that people turn to in order to sort out their survey needs or problems.

Our reputation is founded on personal service, flexibility, reliability and accuracy sustained by continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and training.

We've earned the reputation as being one of Indonesia 's best………

We provide survey services on land and overwater (hydrographic) using our “state-of-the-art” total stations, GPS equipment, high precision levels, DGPS linked bathymetric equipment, tide monitoring, underground services locators.

Quality of standard that you can depend on and which will be on time and within budget.

Our CAD and GIS team provide both on site and head office support to our surveyors by providing computer based deliverables to high standards to give reliable storage/database of information, data processing, drawing and 2D/3D modelling. We also provide earthworks and road design, cut/fill balances, volume calculations.

As a result we provide high accuracy plans, cross sections, survey solutions and reports in the quickest possible timescales whilst being attentive/flexible to your requirements and ability to programme, track and report on your project at any stage.

We offer you a high quality solution to all your survey needs….. it's what you deserve to make your project a success!

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