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Geographic Information System based mapping...

We have a computer based GIS bureau using ACAD map, Arc GIS, Map Info, ER Mapper, Global Mapper and other GIS mapping software tools.

We can produce in house satellite image and air photograph based mapping which can include GPS ground control to provide rectified, geo referenced and gridded base maps for use in planning, exploration, design and development of client projects.

Ideal for large scale planning, exploration in oil & gas or mining, route surveys for roads, rail or pipelines, feasibility through to detailed engineering or just “as built” records. Thematic mapping linked to database(s) can provide a quick “cost effective” first step and then become a valuable tool in any project. Can be followed up at a later stage by more detailed surveys.

Thematic maps are a powerful tool……..

We also have a strategic alliance with Infoterra (UK) to supply, process, interpret and produce satellite / air photograph based GIS mapping.

Geoindo is sole representative agent in Indonesia for Infoterra . Our alliance offers a unique remote sensing resource and can supply “discounted” satellite imagery and air photography from an extensive library or specially flown missions together with processing, interpretation and thematic mapping service by the professionals of INFOTERRA a European Space Agency company and Europe 's largest supplier of satellite data.

INFOTERRA also has own airborne sensors and cameras, including analogue and digital cameras, digital line scanners, airborne laser scanning LIDAR, spectral analysis.

Satellite Imagery

Provision of satellite imagery including LANDSAT, SPOT, IKONOS, Quickbird and many others.

Geo referencing, rectification & GPS ground control.

Processing & Interpretation.

Terrain models can be client defined to suit requirements. Contour interval
accuracy ranging from +/- 100 mm to +/- 30 m depending on type of satellite image used and whether have ground control.

Thematic Mapping :

Terrain maps with contours.
Geology, soil / rock cover & structure.
Surface water hydrology & groundwater.
Vegetation – type & health.
Environmental & features (road, rail, towns, etc.)
Oil seeps (natural & man made).
Pipeline planning
Oil & Gas and mineral exploration.
Environmental & geohazard mapping.

Typical Users :

Agriculture, Forestry & Plantation.
Oil & Gas and Mining.
National, Regional & Local Government.
Utilities & Pipelines
Defence & Security

Air Photography:

Air photography (library or commissioned missions).
GPS ground control.
Photo mosaic – orthorectified, controlled or uncontrolled.
Quality reproduction.

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