Health And Safety Environment

Health And Safety Environment

At Geoindo, safety is No. 1 with HSE being part of our everyday life. We promote a pro-active approach to HSE in all our activities and communicate our philosophy to all who work or interact with us wherever we are whether in the field, on site, in the office or at home.

Health, Safety and Environment is mandatory at Geoindo. Our clients demand it. HSE is formalised in our organisation through documentation and audited to ISO and OSHAS standards.

HSE plans are produced for every project without exception. Daily toolbox meetings, personnel protection equipment (PPE), JHA / JSA, Emergency Response Plan, HSE audits, regular internal & external training (including sea survival, BOISET, confined space, working at height, 1st aid response), emergency drills, stop cards, first aid training.

We are regularly audited by our clients in O & G, mining and energy sectors who have consistently  given  us  safety scores at highest level enabling us  to  work   in “ high hazard areas “, especially needed when we carry out 3D laser scanning as built surveys in locations such as oil & gas offshore platforms, refineries and process plants.

We are proud of our safety record which has been recognised by our clients as setting the standard in our service industry. We have won numerous awards in recognition of our consistently high HSE record.

Geoindo has exceeded 3,356,847 million man – hours without Lost Time Incidents (LTI) proving that our HSE is successful ( based on record 2010 -  2019).

Health is part of our company philosophy with commitment to attaining a good level of fitness with regular health checks (MCU) together with promotion of healthy living not only for our personnel but also their families and all people that we come into contact as part of our daily activities.

We are committed to preserving and improving our environment wherever we work and pass this onto the people and communities with which we interact. Good waste management. Sensitivity to nature and the forests, jungles, seas, mountains, rivers through which we trek to do our surveys.