Toolbox before survey activities, to discuss all aspect of Technical and Safety especially socialization of
“How to stay safe from COVID-19”

Mask and Hand Sanitizer Distribution

Geoindo is fully aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 and ready to serve you with keep to follow our Company Policy and the Government Policy on
“How to Keep Safe Working During COVID-19 crisis”

Keep working effectively with staying safe from COVID-19 to support your project during the Covid-19 crisis

As we continue to experience disruptions to our daily lives due to the COVID-19 outbreak, your survey needs – as well as the needs of our employees and partners – are our highest priority. The entire PT. Geoindo team remains fully “open for business” during this time and ready to provide emergency support where needed.

We note that your field operations may have been affected in that some of your site team may not be able to travel or operate as normal for your site operations in Indonesia. PT Geoindo Giri Jaya is ready to provide emergency or temporary survey support so as your operations on site may continue uninterrupted and as normal.

All of our teams in PT. Geoindo are fully enabled and tested for remote working as needed. This includes our support, field operations and other critical business functions. We are also working with customers to ensure that ongoing projects proceed uninterrupted and with the highest quality.

We have a proven business continuity plan in place to ensure no disruption in service and have taken precautionary steps in response to this emerging situation.

As we all have seen, the COVID-19 situation is highly dynamic. We will provide continuous updates on our operations through our website.

We are privileged to serve you and your organization and look forward to continuing to do so without interruption.